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Whether you speak up a lot or just a little bit...Congratulations! Speaking up is a very important step to take. When you speak up, are your colleagues listening to you and understanding what you have said? In other words, are you being taken seriously?

About Podcast

Bias Breaking Beauty podcast is a sisterhood for women facing biases in their jobs.

This is where women can find inspiration and listen to conversations from me and others on the challenges faced in this type of environment and how to better navigate life at work.

Managing bias can be tricky and there is no one-size-fits-all answer for everyone.

This is where community begins and support is never ending. Stay tuned!

My Vision

For all women working in male-dominated occupations to be truly FREE.

Free to express and be their true selves at work. Free to show and share their gifts and talents within the organizations and businesses that employ them without shame for being the best or fear of reprisal for using their voices to better themselves and other women.

Diversity drives innovation.

Women have always been creative and determined individuals. We share what we know for the greater good. This is a blessing worthy of respect and bias of any kind will not be tolerated for long.


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Want to know what is happening to women just like you and me? Here is where we share our highs and lows while navigating a male-dominated workplace. You are not alone. You are never alone even though it can feel like it at times. Sign up now and gain insight and information about a world surrounded with capable and compassionate women!

About the Host

I know what is it like to experience the hard reality that bias causes at work.

Feelings of inadequacy can permeate the air when you are in a meeting and have to prove your ability over and over again when compared to your male counterparts, or practically no one believes that you hold the job title that you do (like somehow you are not worthy of that job).

These biases can often leave us feeling frustrated and anxiety-ridden from the stress of it all! Calm your nerves and join me in the fight against bias! Learn ways to cope so that the biased person is the one wondering why their antics are no longer getting you down!

Stephanie Myers

Founder, Bias Breaking Beauty

I have worked in various male-dominated industries and one thing I can say for certain is " the more things change, the more things stay the same!" Biased attitudes toward women at work has to stop. No longer should we be thought of as the weaker sex when it comes to work! Women pull our share of the weight! We need a chance to show what we can really do when given the opportunities to showcase our talents within the workforce. No longer are we to be singled out and made to feel like it is an "us against them" mentality when true teamwork involves everyone. My desire is for women to feel whole and complete when at work. Leave pretending to be someone else behind just to get along with others at work. Be your true self. Use your voice and be seen, heard, and understood! I strive for gender parity. As a collective, women are unstoppable. We can stop bias on the job when we all stand against it together. Come, stand with me. Together, biased beliefs about us will falter and we will be left standing, ready to help others.

Beyond the Gap: Unravelling the

Complexities of Persistent

Gender Pay Disparity

The gender pay gap, a widely recognized and persistent issue, refers to the difference

in earnings between women and men in the workforce. It's commonly expressed as a

percentage that represents how much less, on average, women earn compared to

their male counterparts.

Dec 15, 2023

Confronting the Challenge:

Overcoming Male Resistance to

Women in Power

The landscape of power and leadership has een predominantly shaped by men throughout history, creating a dynamic where masculinity is often associated with authority and femininity with subservience. This endered view of power structures is not merely a social construct but has been institutionalized in various cultures and societies globally.

Dec 12, 2023

Can Men Truly

Be Our Allies?

In a world where gender equality continues to be a vital topic of discussion, the question of whether men can be true allies in this struggle is often brought to the forefront. The quest for equality is not just a women's issue; it's a societal one, where the participation of all genders is crucial for meaningful progress. But can men genuinely stand shoulder to shoulder with women in this endeavour? To explore this, we must delve into the dynamics of allyship,

Dec 11, 2023


Tips for Navigating Bias

Set Your Boundary:

How much reach are you allowing Bias to have at work?

Recognize Your Power:

It is a have power but unclear on how to use it.

Reach out for Help and Support:

When in need, click the "Book a Call" button above and let's talk!

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